Driven Capital

Why it works for lenders: Driven Capital investors have created a safeguard-rich small-business and consumer financing business for needed vehicle purchases. The Driven Capital model is delivering for the economy and for people in the hard-to-finance category for our Trusted Dealer partners.
Why it works for borrowers: Driven Capital responds to an acute need in the consumer marketplace for alternative sources of auto financing. Tighter lending criteria, radical downsizing of consumer lending by banks and some consumers’ distrust of financial institutions have borrowers looking for financing alternatives. Driven Capital is emerging as a critical resource to small business owners and working people who need to replace equipment they use to make a living.

Why it works for dealers: Driven Capital has launched its Trusted Dealer / Trusted Lender program with selected auto dealers. Driven Capital is focused on targeted lending to business owners and consumers motivated to launch their Credit Comeback™ by working with these Trusted Dealers. Driven Capital delivers a new funding resource to dealers who often have few other alternatives to lend to qualified but credit-challenged working people returning to financial sustainability in the wake of the Great Recession and a so-so recovery. Please tell us how we can work with your F&I team to serve your used-car and used-truck buyers and drive your sales.

Driven Capital: Fast Funder for Trusted Dealers

Driven Capital, LLC is a consumer lender licensed in all 50 states and U.S. possessions. The company’s founders are northwest business leaders and investors. Driven Capital’s goal is to be a northwest-built solution to a national bottleneck to the flow of capital to small businesses and consumers for needed vehicle purchases.

Driven Capital launched its 2017 beta stage as an indirect lender through northwest auto dealers to consumers whose vehicle purchases are difficult for dealers to finance through traditional banking channels. Many borrowers come from the credit category commonly referred to as “less than prime.”

Driven Capital believes the potential of this market creates an outstanding opportunity for accredited investor lenders to re-purpose cash earning little interest since the Great Recession.

Driven Capital is working with automotive equipment buyers as an indirect lender. The company is working with U.S. dealers who have committed to Trusted Dealer / Trusted Lender agreements with Driven Capital.

Investors: Secure Lending to Business Owners and Working People

Driven Capital allocates 100 percent of invested funds to consumer auto loans. Accredited lenders may place a minimum of $30,000 in each loan pool. Driven Capital offers accredited lenders a secured investment opportunity because Driven Capital holds the vehicle title on its loans until the loan is paid in full. With the protections of Driven Capital’s secured lending model, accredited investors now have a clean, clear path to solid returns on their cash placed in Driven Capital’s loan pool.

Investor rates of return are strengthened because Driven Capital can service loans and protect assets without the expense of branches, and other brick-and-mortar expenses embedded in the traditional bank business model.

Driven Capital will evaluate potential future operations as a peer-to-peer (P2P) lender in addition to its instrumental role as an indirect lender through dealerships who have committed to our Trusted Lender / Trusted Dealer relationship.