Driven Capital: Accelerated Funding for Small Business

Driven Capital responds to an acute need in the consumer marketplace for alternative sources of auto financing. Tighter lending criteria from banks and increased consumer distrust of financial institutions have borrowers looking for financing alternatives. Driven Capital is emerging as the secured, full-service solution for borrowers and auto dealers whose need can be acute for capital to fund vehicle purchases for small businesses.

Access to Capital to Grow Business

At a time when many banks aren’t lending in increments under $250,000, sources of capital for auto loans, among other credit, have dried up. Borrowers who need a place to find capital are turning to Driven Capital for accelerated funding and can benefit from the advantages and simplicity of Driven Capital’s auto loan lending system. Borrowers will find Driven Capital loan access of between $10,000 and $25,000 through its Trusted Dealer network of approved auto dealer partners nationwide.

Frustrated that you haven’t been able to get bank approval for a needed vehicle upgrade? Lean about the advantages – and the simplicity – of Driven Capital’s auto lending:

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